Wise Words for Dark Days


Wise Words for Dark Days | DebzWeb.com

Hearing from an old friend who’s depressed reminded me of a book I made to get through my own hard times. (Wise Words for Dark Days, 2007)

Here’s what I needed to know then:

  • I’m not alone.
  • I will get through this.
  • When I emerge, I’ll be stronger than ever.

Wise Words for Dark Days | DebzWeb.comIt would also have helped to hear that some lessons can only be learned in the dark; that there is value hidden in the pain.

Or at least that’s what I found. I had to hit bottom to shed old skins and become myself—the real me, buried under layers of convention, vulnerability and fear.

So while I wouldn’t wish my troubles on anyone, I don’t regret my experience. The journey helped me find what I need to enjoy the rest of my life: humility, compassion, forgiveness, peace.

The voice of others helped me get there. So I’m attaching a couple of pages from my book, in case you or someone you know needs a companion, too.

Pass it on, OK?

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