Think process, not product

cover1edMy birthday present: going away with Sam, leaving everything else behind, taking an art class, and making a very cool journal. I can’t think of a better way to turn 65.

greenwomanI’m talking about two and a half days of making art, instruction from mixed media artist Pam Garrison, access to every art supply you can imagine, great food, and good company.

In other words, heaven.

Pam taught us how to bind a unique book and use mixed graffitimedia in new ways.  She encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone, try new things and remember “it’s about process, not product.” Besides,

“We can always fix it!”

The class was at Donna Downey’s Studio in Huntersville, NC (just outside Charlotte), which is a spectacular place for art play.

The classes are not cheap, but you get what you’ve treestencilpaid for: learning from national artists, getting support for your art, and being treated like royalty.

Donna Downey observing our class

Donna provides everything you need and then some: a  room full of tools, materials and supplies; breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks; and her overflowing spirit, humor and graciousness.

So if you live anywhere nearby, do yourself a favor and register for a class. And if you live far away—register for a class, too.  You deserve it.