The NC state fair and me


This year, the state fair felt like a slide show of my life. Image after image, each reminding me of years past.

Put them in chronological order and you get a brief history of me.

  • 1974: Richard Sands, my first husband and the reason I moved here, couldn’t get enough of the Italian sausages.
  • 1978: Larry Shirley played a lot of games (and spent a lot of money) to win me a stuffed bear.
  • 1980: Jim Johnson and a group of friends insisted on Al’s french fries, one of the best tastes at the fair.
  • 1982: On my first date with Sam, we rode the Ferris wheel and got our handwriting analyzed.
  • 1983: Sam and I celebrated our “anniversary,” a few days before our wedding.
  • 1992: Ben and Samantha rode the kiddie roller coaster at least 10 times in a row.
  • 1997: The kids panned for gems as long as we’d let them.
  • 2004: Samantha’s drawing won an award and hung in the education building.
  • 2007: Sam and I toured the exhibits—everything from the largest pumpkin to the best decorated cakes.
  • 2014: We spent most of our time at the flower and garden show, where I saw the huge chair (above) and other photo ops (me as a daisy, which I’m too vain to post).

You gotta love the fair.

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