The most fun since finger painting

alcinkwebActually, “painting” with alcohol inks is a lot like finger painting. You don’t need to know anything to do it, you can get spectacular results with little effort, and it’s totally fun.

That’s what I learned in just  a few hours with Cathy Taylor, the alcohol ink maven and author of Pigments of Your Imagination: Create with Alcohol Inks, due out soon. Cathy showed us how to apply alcohol inks using high powered tools—such as straws, Q-tips, and paper towels.

The example above was made by dropping blobs of ink onto the paper. That’s it. The ink and the paper do the rest, producing delicious colors and unexpected forms.


The second example is made from just one color of Ranger ink (slate), dropped, blown across the paper, and held up to create drips. I love these patterns and colors in themselves, but you can create more representational art too, like the landscape below.


Anyone can do this. I promise. Your kids, grandchildren, neighbors—even you.

Note:  If you’re interested, you can get the Ranger inks at  local craft stores like Michael’s; Jaquard Piñata inks and Yupo paper at Jerry’s Artarama or Joann’s. 

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