The Law of Unintended Consequences

The Law of Unintended Consequences |

Our landing has had a lot of lives.

The latest incarnation was designed to be a place for me–to write, practice, and make things. But as soon as we put the new table, chairs and rug in, it turned into a gathering place for the family (and, of course, the cats’ new favorite post.)

You never know what will happen when you make one small change. It’s called the Law of Unintended Consequences, which is usually a bad thing. Like when my father forbid me to date non-Jewish boys, it made them much more attractive.

Sometimes, though, unintended consequences are an unexpected delight. I’m thinking of the bridge built in Austin Texas, which turned out to be an ideal place for bats threatened with extinction. The city now requires bridges to be built in the same manner, and crowds watch clouds of bats fly away in the late afternoon.

We actually have a family of bats living in our chimney, but that’s not the point. The point is, some of us like to shake things up and see what happens. You could call it perverseness–or maybe creativity.

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