The Art of Maps

The Art of Maps |
Ed Fairburn

For directionally challenged people like me, maps are mostly a pain in the ass. They’re hard to read, impossible to fold, and often take you to the wrong place.

The Art of Maps |
Paula Scher, Tsunami Map  

So it never occurred to me that mapping is a symbolic language–a language that combines the visual and the verbal, which is what I’m most interested in these days.

Everywhere I look, though, artists are expanding the concept of “map” and creating amazing work. Like Ed Fairburn, meshing the geography of the face with the geography of the place…Paula Scher, making huge maps out of place names…Karen O’Leary, cutting intricate maps of cities…and many more.

The Art of Maps |
Karen O’Leary, Map of Paris 

Fortunately, people who are passionate about maps are great proselytizers, determined for the rest of us to get it.

Some of my favorites:

And now that my eyes have been opened, I realize I’ve already made some maps in my journals–and plan to make lots more.

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