Thanks, Kid. I Needed That

Thanks, Kid. I Needed That |

It’s astonishing, shocking, thrilling. Samantha was the bright light in our family yesterday, when everyone else was wallowing around in the dark.

Why is that amazing? My daughter has fought severe depression, anxiety and addiction for the last decade. And when I say “severe,” I mean the kind where getting out of bed is a major achievement and social interaction is impossible.

But suddenly, she’s getting better, and it seems to be related to her new medication, Brintellix. (I say that guardedly, since there have been so many meds and so much hope–and so little change–over the years.)

My brother, the chemist, tells me that there’s a huge placebo effect for all psycho-pharmaceuticals and little evidence, other than anecdotal, that they work. My experience, backed by no science whatsoever, is that they do.

I remember when I first took Prozak. For the first time, I experienced what is apparently common for other people: a moment to think before responding to a stimulus. It changed my life.

I hope that something similar is happening to Samantha. Since she started taking the new medicine, she’s gained energy and clarity, and is losing the weight gained from previous medications.

Hope is everything, and I can see that she has it, for the first time in a long while. Me, too.

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