Starting vs. Finishing

IMG_1819I was so proud of finishing this blanket I made for Sam. Two previous attempts were disasters, and I was beginning to doubt that I’d ever make one. So, ta da!

At least that’s the way I felt for a few minutes. But sitting down to write about it showed me something I didn’t particularly want to see.

I’m just like Sam…Except when he starts things and doesn’t finish them, it drives me crazy.

What’s the difference? Scale. My projects are small, so no one has to see them. His, on the other hand, are so big they hit you in the face—at least my face. (Besides the fact that it’s easier to see his flaws than my own.)

What’s the same is the root cause: perfectionism. Whatever we’re making, the product is never as good as the image we have in our minds.

Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity. It drains our energy and keeps us from trying, learning, growing, failing, changing—and finishing.

All that’s to say, I am proud of this blanket. It’s not perfect, but it’s warm, cozy, beautiful—and DONE.