Snollygoster or blatherskite?

troglodyteIt started with these birds yelling at me for putting them on an ordinary page with simple doodles. In defending their dignity, they came up with some impressive insults: troglodyte*, ignoramus, cretin, idiot.

Then I opened my email and found the word for the dayultracrepidarian, or “one who gives opinions beyond one’s area of expertise.”

I could use that one, way too often, as well as these.

  • Snollygoster, an opportunistic, power-hungry person
  • Blatherskite, one who talks foolishly at length
  • Cacafuego, one who brags too much
  • Mythomane: one having a tendency to exaggerate or lie
  • Coccydynia: literally, a pain in the butt

So next time someone offends you, try using an uncommon insult. That should really piss them off.

*Troglodyte: a cave dweller from prehistoric times, or a person who acts like one.