Reuse, recycle, recover

IMG_1612If a piece of furniture has “good bones,” you should recover it, my mother told me. Turns out to be one of the things I actually listened to.

So in the 42 years I’ve had this couch, I’ve covered it in everything from red ultra suede to fat denim stripes, a southwestern  design, and a yellowish pattern. (And those are just the ones I remember.)

This time, I searched for a navy and white fabric, something crisp to match the new quilt I love. But navy—the real navy, so dark it’s almost black—is  not in style at the moment.

Then I remembered that every time I recovered this furniture, my mother said, “I like mattress ticking.”

She was right, as usual. Not only is this the least expensive covering ever, it’s also our favorite.

Thanks, Mom.

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