Relax, Reflect, Refresh at the Well of Mercy

Relax, Reflect, Refresh at the Well of Mercy | DebzWeb.comPictures don’t do it justice. Nor do words, for that matter. So just trust me, and take yourself to the Well of Mercy.

It’s an amazing place, right here in North Carolina, created by two women with a vision—and the faith to make it happen.

Sister Donna and Sister Brigid felt called to answer a question they heard over and over: “Is there a place I can go for respite and renewal?” With support from their order, Sisters of Mercy, they created the Well of Mercy, which is certainly a blessing, and maybe even a miracle.

Just imagine…

  • 110 acres in the foothills, with a rushing stream and miles of trails
  • Beautiful, private rooms and welcoming common spaces
  • Healthy, yummy lunch and dinner prepared for you
  • A chapel, labyrinth, even a hot tub
  • The opportunity for spiritual direction and healing massage
  • Attention to detail everywhere you look, from inspiring books to manicured gardens
  • Being surrounded by love and good will.

Relax, Reflect, Refresh at the Well of Mercy |

What you won’t find there: requirements, programs, therapies, pressures, televisions, technology, connection to the outside world. Like I said, it’s amazing—astonishing, really.

I could keep on gushing, but I don’t believe in long posts. So let me just say, I’ll be going back soon—and I hope you will too.

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