Pure Fun – Altered Playing Cards

Pure Fun - Altered Playing Cards | DebzWeb.com

I really wanted to take┬áSeth Apter’s class, 52 Card Pickup, but I didn’t make it to any of the retreats where he was teaching. So I decided to try it myself.

One of my more brilliant ideas, I have to admit.┬áThe great thing about a card is that it’s not a Big Deal. You don’t have to prepare, get ready, or think much about it. You just pick up a card, try out different approaches, and surprise yourself (the best part of the creative process).

Some of the things I’ve tried so far:

  • Sanding and painting the card
  • Covering with scraps of paper
  • Using white or black gesso (primer)
  • Punching holes to expose part of the card
  • Gluing images from books and magazines
  • Sewing on top
  • Adding stickers, beads and other embellishments
  • Coating with sealant or glazes

And I’ve just scratched the surface. Scratching? Hmmmm, that gives me another idea…

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