One small step for a duck

duck2This is my “vision board,” a map of sorts, created after nine weeks of doing The Artist’s Way.

It’s actually the second one I made. The first tried to say so much about my dreams, it wound up saying nothing. That’s what makes this a great example of how the creative process works, at least for me.

1. First ideas are rarely the best ideas. What comes to my mind first is probably the same thought everyone has. The result is expected, predictable, safe. Boring.

2. There’s no way to do things well without first doing them poorly. To learn something, you have to be willing to fail. Besides, “mistakes” are often the opening to new, more interesting compositions (as in the black paper covering up where I spilled ink).

3. Ideas come from all over the place.  I cut the ducklings out of a book years ago and the words from a recent magazine— and somehow they wound up together on my desk (magic, in my mind).

4. Surprise yourself. You could say ducks are my totem: it’s one of Sam’s nicknames for me; my mother gave me many duck sculptures; and I often feel like an “odd duck.” But I wasn’t thinking of any of these things when I made this piece.

5. Express your unique self. My style has always been about simplicity and clarity, as you can see above. One image and three words: I can remember that and keep it in mind as I go about my day.

The vision boards of the other members of our group are as unique as we are. And isn’t that ultimately the purpose of art?