Noticing the Good in the World

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with our world: the greed, intolerance, dishonesty, narcissism and hatefulness is shoved in our faces all day, every day. But there is good, too, and we need to pay attention.

Noticing the Good in the World | DebzWeb.comLike the story I read this morning about North Carolina author Patti Digh. Patti is a brave soul, committed to living deeply, being real, and sharing lessons learned along the way. Through her books and blog, she has opened her heart and touched a lot of people.

That always takes courage, but it’s even harder in the face of a personal crisis. And that’s what Patti and her family are dealing with since her husband (“Mr. Brilliant”) was diagnosed with cancer. Aside from the sheer terror of the c-word and all it could mean, they have a problem that’s too common in America today: no health insurance.

Within a few days of this announcement, friends created the John F. Ptak fund to help. In the first hour, contributions amounted to $18,000. One friend contibuted sales of her “rock fairies,” another opened a lemonade stand, and Patti started an online class, 137 days, with all proceeds going to the fund. (The class was closed at 1,000 participants, and another just opened.)

Noticing the Good in the World |

Meanwhile, an anonymous donor offered to give an additional $25,000 when contributions reached $50,000. In just a couple of weeks, that goal was reached and exceeded, and the fund has now raised over $89,000 toward the $100,000 goal.

As a result, Patti’s family can focus on the real issue—John’s health— rather than the money. What a relief for them, and what a joy for us to remember how good people can be.

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