Moving sloooowly

Marker on huge newsprint pad.

I know that Continuum Movement has been a healing practice for my friend Susan Fowler. But I didn’t know why until last weekend, when I finally took a class with her.

Before I explain, let me set the stage. You drive through the countryside, arrive at a beautiful, renovated  old school, and enter a world of white walls, 14-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, big windows, and lots of light.

Then you walk into Spanda Studio and meet the teacher, Sabine Mead, a shining spirit who lets you know that it’s okay, you’re okay, and whatever you are called to do is okay.

I was totally ready to love the class, Diving To Write.

Sabine coached us on ways to go deep into the body to escape the internal censor and write from the heart. My favorite movement was “sloshing.” You lie on a mat and let your body lead you to make small, organic movements—very slowly—and feel what’s going on inside you.

Slow is not my normal pace, so I was surprised by how much I liked it.  My writing surprised me, too: it s-t-r-e t-c-h- e-d out, just like me.

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