More color! Now!

More color! Now! |

When the seasons change, my house feels different to me. What was cozy a few weeks ago is now dark; what was serene is now kind of boring.

So I’ve been on a mission to brighten things up.

You can see the results on my deck. What was all black is now hot pink, magenta and orange. (The chair pads are from Target, which has an awesome collection of outdoor furniture, cheap.)

More color! Now! |

The coffee table doesn’t photograph as well, but it makes a big difference too. I looked all over town for something to replace the same old stuff, and finally found it—in my bedroom.

The white baskets, which weren’t doing much upstairs, make the whole room feel fresher, more summery.

The next step: a more colorful me. Check it out.

More color! Now! |

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