Miss Debbie’s Playground (For Grownups Only)

Miss Debbie's Playground (For Grownups Only) | DebzWeb.com

It took me a long time to realize that people need permission to play. True story…

Me: You may not know this, but most adults suck at playing.

Samantha: Have you met Dad?

Anyway, permission is the big thing my calligrapher friends get when they come to my studio. And that’s all they need to leave the rest of the world behind and get lost in cutting, pasting, coloring and making things.

This week, we spent three hours tearing pages from 1959 Golden Book encyclopedias, rolling them up, attaching them, and making the cool pencil cups above. Through it all, we talked, laughed and shared stories of our lives.

For me, this part is even more important than what we make. Besides being pure fun, I never know what I might learn along the way. Like:

  • Everyone needs the Fiskar paper cutter (Stephanie and Nell).
  • You don’t have to cut strips to cover the inside of the can: you can use a single piece of paper (Harriet).
  • You can use an entirely different paper for the inside (Adrienne).
  • You can make the individual rolls different heights (Kerr).
  • You can use all black and white, highlighting words you want to remember (Margaret).
  • There are parents in this generation who are opposed to using a high chair (Kerr).

Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of stuff from my stash. You know what that means: I get to go out and hunt some more. Thanks, everyone!

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