Making Stuff From Stuff I Made

Making Stuff From Stuff I Made |

Beautiful handmade books with nothing inside…Projects started and never finished…Piles of paper saved for something, someday…

Can you relate? If you’re like me, you come home from a class, put whatever you made on a shelf, and then–

Nothing. You forget all about it, and by the time it’s unearthed, have no idMaking Stuff From Stuff I Made | DebzWeb.comea how you did it.

This time I was determined to do something different—to actually use what I made. So right after the Gelli plate class, I made more paper and taught a few friends how to make their own.

Making Stuff From Stuff I Made | DebzWeb.comBy then, I had a lot of hand-painted paper, which made it easier to tackle the next step: cutting it up to make stuff.

I’ve already used the paper to make some notecards and to cover an altoid tin. This tin looks to me like it’s calling out for some altoidsangelic mischief, whatever that means.

What’s next? Finishing a few things–once I find them.


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