Making Books: Show and Tell


Making Books: Show and Tell | This has been my week for making books–and I’ve made so many, I don’t know where to start. (Actually, it’s the fact that I like them all so much that makes it hard to choose.)

So I’ll take them in order, starting with the color wheel “flag” book above.

Penny Arrowood taught us how to make all the colors in the flags from just three paints, as well as how to put this structure together.

Is that cool or what?

Next, I took a class from Kathy Steinsberger where we made four “long stitch” books–in a weekend! That’s a lot, even with all the preparation Kathy did for us (like pre-cutting the paper and fabric).

Making Books: Show and Tell | DebzWeb.comI  learned something about myself in this class, too: it’s hard for me to follow oral instructions without something visual to reinforce them.

For the third book, that meant I ripped out two stitches for every one I sewed in the right place, holding up the rest of the class. (Next time I’ll pay more attention to the very detailed instructions in Kathy’s handouts.)

Anyway, I love the results–maybe even more because of my struggles.

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