J is for Juliana


I love books, words, letters, and using up stuff I’ve collected. That’s what makes this tiny book necklace a perfect project for me.

What I don’t love is repeating myself. Once I’ve made something, I’m done. Like the craftsman who charged $400 for the first dining room chair – and $1,000 apiece for the others.

So I’m happily surprised that I can stand to make more than one of these books. In fact, I like producing them.

Why? While the form is the same, each necklace is different.  Each is a puzzle put together from pieces of alphabet books, old magazines, scrapbook paper, flash cards, dictionaries, and whatever else I come across.

The alphabet necklace is the result of creative collaboration – one of the best highs on earth. It started with a project in Making Mini Books (a useful guide for anyone who’s interested). Then I put my own spin on it, Lynda loved it, and now she’s going to sell some in her booth at Inspirations.


But you can easily make your own, and if you’re interested, let me know. I’d be glad to share the instructions and photos of the process. Or better yet, come make one in my studio.

Enjoy yours Juliana – you totally deserve it.

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