It’s Thumb Appreciation Day

It's Thumb Appreciation Day |

You probably don’t know much about your carpometacarpal joint. It’s the one at the base of your thumb that enables you to open a jar, turn a key, and pick up a pin.

Mine is messed up. The cartilage that cushions the bones has disintegrated, which means the bones are rubbing against each other.

It’s bothered me for a while, but I was determined not to get it fixed. Why? I had the left one done a few years ago, and I haven’t forgotten how long it took to heal.

What I had forgotten, though, was how persistent and debilitating the condition could be.

So I waited as long as I could, and today I’m getting the right one fixed. I’m going to be happy about this one day, I know I am. As Sam reminds me, I’ve got “30 good years of art left.” But at the moment, I’m feeling pretty cranky about it.

That’s why I’m asking you to do me a favor.┬áJust for today, notice how often you use your thumb, and for how many everyday things. And enjoy it!

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