It Was Just “Beshert” (Meant to Be)

It Was Just "Beshert" (Meant to Be) |

What I Learned at Type Camp – a few samples from the weekend

Beshert. That’s the Yiddish word for “meant to be”—and it’s just how I feel about my weekend. I mean, how often does this happen?

Monday: read about something called Type Camp.

Wednesday: hear a talk by Dr. Shelley Gruendler, the amazing force behind the camp.

Friday: go to Type Camp calligraphy workshop in Asheville.

Sunday: emerge with new energy, skills, and confidence.

To understand how really weird this is, consider that the most recent camps were held in Vancouver, Canada, and Kagawa, Japan; the next are scheduled for India and Ireland. Most focus on understanding typography and enhancing creativity.

So it’s just luck that Shelley is a graduate of the NCSU School of Design, and that this workshop was all about my passion: calligraphy. Or maybe it’s synergy. Or some other force in the universe.

It Was Just "Beshert" (Meant to Be) |

In any case, thank you. Campers and teachers Carol Fountain Nix and Laura Worthington (top right).

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