I’d like to write a cheerful post

But I’d be lying.princesswb

Two things are happening in my life right now, and either one would be enough to make me seriously crabby. But both at once? #@%$!!!

First, I have a cast on my right hand—thumb, to be accurate—and I can’t do anything. By “anything,” I mean wash my hair, drive a car or button my shirt, not to mention write or draw.

At the same time, my house is a wreck. Literally. Sam is redoing the ceiling in Samantha’s room, which means that all her stuff is on the landing, sheetrock is in the living room, and sawdust is everywhere. In other words, chaos.

It’s tough on an order freak like me.

But as usual, there is a gift in the midst of the darkness. This time, the gift is my daughter. Samantha is basically living in my room, which could have been a disaster, but has turned out to be a blessing.

We’re getting to know each other in a new way—a way that is more reciprocal, more compatible, and more fun. If we can keep moving in this direction, it’s worth all the rest.

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