I Hate Being a Beginner

I Hate Being a Beginner | DebzWeb.com

I’ve always hated being new at something–anything, really. I want to know how to do things before I’ve done them.

It sounds crazy, even to me. But I’m facing it once again in the online class I’m taking, Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style, with Jane LaFazio. It’s not Jane’s fault–she’s a terrific teacher. It’s the other people in the class, whose work looks so much better than mine.

Wait. It’s not them–it’s me. Darn! I would really like to blame someone else for my fear of failure.

By the way, I’ve taken a couple of online classes and this one is the best by far. Why? It’s a six-week course, not open-ended, which feels more like a “real” class. The format, run on Ruzuku, is simple and reinforcing. And Jane interacts with each student, responding kindly to the work you post.

Thanks for listening. I think I’m ready to get over myself and do the next assignment.

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