I Crack Myself Up

I Crack Myself Up | DebzWeb.comA felt egg?

What could be sillier? Felt pancakes? Felt broccoli? A felt sandwich?

You can find instructions for all of these online, as well as for felt layer cakes, doughnuts, and bacon. (Bacon? I really don’t understand the recent obsession with it.)

The point is, I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of these things. You can find tons of felt food online, including inspirations, tutorials, patterns, and products.

But there’s something particularly charming about the egg. Maybe it’s just seeing it in a real egg carton…or its shape…

Whatever it is, my grown son, Ben, got it. He liked the other felt things I’ve made, but he loved this—and asked me to make one for him.

No problem. I’ve already started making more.

I Crack Myself Up | DebzWeb.com
In case you missed the original photo, or wanted to see the yellow squash I added.

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