Honoring the queen of sticky notes

marlenessticky notes1
Journal page, with wash tape, found postcard, and notes from Marlene, April 2015

What a difference 12 weeks can make!

That’s how long it takes to make it through the Artist’s Way, recover your creativity and make powerful changes in your life.

At least that’s what happened in our group, thanks to Marlene Pelligrino, our facilitator and companion on  the Artist’s Way. It couldn’t have been easy to keep us on task, get us to shut up, help us confront the uncomfortable, and dare to make real changes.

But look at the results:

  • Margaret found her inner strength
  • Coleen merged her engineering brain and artist brain
  • Shelia uncovered her true self
  • Avril returned to psychic readings
  • I’m teaching a visual journaling class
  • You’re taking a color mixing class

So thanks Marlene, for your big heart, radiant energy, and profound sticky notes. And thank you to everyone in our group, for your listening, sharing, tears and laughs. After all,

What are we here for, if not to make life less difficult for each other? – George Eliot