Finding my way back to the artist’s way

1998jrnlsI can’t believe it was 1998 the last time I did The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s 12-week program for recovering creatives. Seventeen years later, it’s a very different experience.

It’s not just that I’m older and at a different stage of life; I’m also approaching it differently. This time I’m in a class—a group of six fabulous women led by Marlene Pelligrino—at Sertoma Arts Center.

The group dynamic changes everything for me. I’m not alone. I get to experience this through my peers, as well as my own private practice. I’m both supported and accountable to the commitment I’ve made.

Basically, that means writing morning pages (three pages fast, unedited, every day), taking a weekly artist date (doing something special on my own), and doing some or all of the exercises at the end of each chapter.

On a larger level, though, this is an opportunity to dream, to dare, to fly. The question is, Can I get past my fear? My self-doubt? My self?

It’s got to be easier than it was 17 years ago. I’m amazed that I took this on when I was at the peak of my career, raising two teenagers, taking care of Mom, managing a house, and keeping our marriage together. (Just writing that makes me want to go back to bed.)

When I finished the Artist’s Way last time, I wrote some stories about my life and my fantasies. Wonder what to expect at the end of these 12 weeks, just as I’m turning 65…

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