Excuse Me, What About Mom?

Excuse Me, What About Mom? | DebzWeb.com

The ideal holiday, depicted by illustrator Amos Sewel

I’d like to meet Heather Havriklesky’s mom, the subject of a column in the New York Times Sunday magazine.

This woman’s got balls.

Two years ago she announced to her family that she was spending Christmas in Egypt with friends. This year she told her adult children she didn’t want their families to stay with her over the holidays.

“I’m 70 years old,” she said. “I don’t have many Christmases left in me. I can’t handle the chaos and the noise anymore.” She offered to pay for a hotel instead.

Havriklesky got it. “Maybe my mother’s growing acceptance of her mortality has emancipated her from old obligations. Or maybe she’s just eager to shock us out of our childish selfishness. Either way, it worked. We can see now that, without her, we are greedy babies surrounded by other greedy babies, waiting expectantly for the dinner bell to ring.”

I don’t have a holiday problem. I have an everyday problem: two grown kids living at home who still want mom and dad to take care of all their needs. And I sure hope we have the balls to do something different in 2013.

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