Coming Out of an Art Funk

Coming Out of an Art Funk | DebzWeb.comThanks, everyone. You got me out of my funk and back into the joy of making art.

ThanksĀ Donna Downey, for creating a great place to learn–and shop–in Huntersville, NC, a short drive from Raleigh. Your studio is my idea of heaven, with all kinds of supplies for students to use, interesting things to look at everywhere, and to top it off, lots of candy!

Thanks Stephanie Ackerman, for teaching us how to use the Gelli plate and sharing your techniques for painting paper and creating depth. I’d read about this tool, but hadn’t seen one and had no idea what it was for, how to use it, or why I would want it. (Yes, I bought one and can’t wait to experiment some more.)

Thanks classmates, for your support, kindness and interest in me, my journal, and my work. Your attention was like sunshine for my soul.

And thanks Sam, for driving me, patiently waiting, discovering Cafe 100, and encouraging me to take myself seriously.

All this reinforcement makes it impossible to stay stuck. Guess I’ll just have to pull out my Gelli plate and paint and get back to work–and by that I mean play.

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