Celebrating new tools

colorbrushTuesday was a good day for the Averitts.

The custom milling machine Sam has been waiting for—forever, it seems—finally arrived.

This time it was delivered, very carefully, by forklift. (The first time it fell off the truck and had to be rebuilt.)

mmPlease don’t ask me what a milling machine does. Sam has explained more than once, but all I heard was it’s “a machine that makes machines.” I do know that it’s big, heavy, complex, computerized, and made in America.

With Sam and Ben so busy, I’ve had lots of time to meditate with Kamster (our singular cat) and of course, to journal.

The spread above is the result. I colored the background with Zig dual tip brush markers I bought at Betty’s Creative Studio in Greensboro—one of the few independent scrapbook/stamping stores still around, and a real gem.

Here’s how I did the lettering—and you can, too:

  • Draw irregular curvy lines
  • Write big letters and make sure they touch the lines on top and bottom.
  • Fatten parts of each letter and fill them in.
  • The easiest way is to use all caps and thicken the down strokes (everywhere your pen goes down to make the letter).

This kind of lettering looks a lot harder than it is. Just like the milling machine, I hope.