Art-Making is Contagious

Art-Making is Contagious |

Illustration 1: Margaret Thomas 5.1.14

This is what I want to do in life: inspire grownups to express themselves—playfully.

The first step, I think, is to change our vocabulary. Let’s get rid of the word “artist,” which makes everyone crazy and strangles our voices. I propose that we call ourselves “makers” and what we make, “stuff.” As in, “I just like to make stuff.”

Feel more relaxed already? My friends do, when they come to my studio.  Like Margaret and Susan. Smart, serious, competent women who need just two things to let their creative spirits come out:

  1. Permission to play.
  2. Suspension of judgment.

That’s what they got this week–and look at the results! Margaret made the paper above and Susan the one below, and they’re both spectacular, textured, unique creations. (I’d say they were works of art, except I’m not using the A-word any more.)

I wish you could come over and play too, but  I know it’s not always possible. That’s why I created this blog—so I can bring my studio to you, one post at a time.

Art-Making is Contagious |

Illustration 2: Susan Fowler, 5.27.14

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