Adventures in Art Abandonment

MiAdventures in Art Abandonment | DebzWeb.comchael de Meng created Art Abandonment as a way to brighten up the world (which we could surely use these days).

The idea is to leave your art in random places as a gift for others to find and enjoy. And it’s one of those ideas that has ignited a whole movement.

I get that: it certainly inspired me.

So I immediately set out on my own journey. I printed the card that explains “A Gift for You,” and put it in a bag with a word stone. Then I added a piece of red cardstock with the words “Pick Me Up!” to make it more visible.

I left the first one on the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art. The second I gave away to Beth Owl’s Daughter , the brilliant tarot card reader Sarah’s been trying to get me to see for years. (Thanks, Sarah!) And I just left a third one on a chair outside of the neighborhood Starbucks.

By the way, if you find a piece of abandoned art, you can document it at It’s not necessary, but it would brighten the artist’s day.

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