A world of altered altoid tins

4tinsTis the season for…making altered Altoid tins.

First Meg and then Kerr wanted to make these for the holidays, which happens to be a great idea. They’re easy, inexpensive, and make great gifts—as is, or filled with treasures.

My friends took me back into the world of all things Altoid, where you can find whole sites devoted to these things and thousands of ideas for using them.

I’d show you how to cover your own, but your best bet is the excellent tutorial I learned from.

Deciding what to put inside is the fun part anyway. Here’s what’s inside mine: a felt “needle case,” book plates, tiny sketchpad with crayons, and a strange book.


What’s next? I’m thinking magnetized paper doll or maybe another change holder (someone stole the last one I made!).

You can see some of my favorites on my Pinterest album. But you’ll have to look elsewhere for the Altoid radio, fishing reel, or BBQ.